21. Emma Harriet Wright - The Light Switch.

Inspired by the lack of awareness for the afterlife of technology, Emma has steered towards exploring alternative materials and traditional craft techniques within design.

Environmental consciousness permeates her work, emphasising awareness of material origins, usage, and post-use implications. Positioned as a sustainable communicator and innovator in textile design, Emma advocates for holistic design practices, fostering collaboration across disciplines.

Her goal is to empower designers to create environmentally mindful depictions, encouraging a caring approach that respects materials and cultivates balanced cohabitation with everyday objects. Can this active form of care redefine our relationship with the environment?

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Designer: Emma Harriet Wright
Project: The Light Switch
Material Breakdown: Wool (outer shell), wood (frame), carbon bio-based plastic (interiors), bio-based plastic (interiors), electronic cable and PCB board (interiors)
Main Uses: Bluetooth light switch
Key Fact: The light switch has reduced the plastic and metal usage of an average light switch from 100% to 25%, by incorporating alternative bio-based materials within the design.