Benholm Group harnesses the aesthetic and functional benefits of biophilic design.

Scotland-based Benholm Group specialises in creating captivating focal points with green walls and ceiling installations.

Whether designers are looking to bring the outdoors in, enhance acoustics, or unlock the calming benefits of forging a stronger connection between people and nature, bespoke solutions are designed to elevate commercial interior spaces.

Living green walls

These walls include plants that actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere - enriching the air with oxygen. With a diverse range of species from Benholm's global network of growers, each living wall can be tailored to seamlessly integrate and enhance any commercial setting.

Nordik moss walls

Nordik moss is a highly versatile, low-maintenance, and visually striking option for interior green walls. This preserved moss doesn't grow, requiring minimal care while providing similar wellbeing and biophilic benefits. Customisable in various colours, Benholm's Nordik moss walls offer limitless design possibilities, ensuring a focal point as unique as the schemes they go into.

Green ceilings

For those looking to create a statement, green ceilings offer a point of differentiation. Extending the creative opportunities skywards, designers working on interiors for hospitality environments through to workspaces have utilised Benholm's expertise to bolster their concepts.

Benholm Group can also replicate the authentic look and feel of green walls artificially, for spaces where living green walls may not thrive. This option is said to be ideal for high-traffic areas, low-light environments, or places difficult to access for maintenance, serving an option with longevity.

You can explore green walls and ceilings by Benholm Group at Material Source Studio Glasgow.