Fellowes present Tallo™: Re-imagined monitor arms for the modern workplace.

Fellowes is another one of our celebrated studio newcomers, showcasing a truly notable product library, capable of fitting the most unique workspaces.

Their integrated portfolio of Monitor Arms are designed for the modern office, balancing engineering excellence, responsive design and engaging aesthetics.

Nurturing an internal team of talented designers and engineers who push the boundaries, Fellowes has reimagined monitor arms from the ground up, recognising monitor arms as one of the most direct and consequential interfaces of workplace comfort.

Identifying the opportunity of re-design here, Fellowes developed the Tallo™: their most sophisticated range of monitor arms, expertly crafted to perform effortlessly with dynamic elegance designed into every component.

“Dynamic elegance is not typically a phrase used to describe monitor arms, but we thought it should be” – Fellowes Industrial Design Team

Here Fellowes break down the key principles Tallo™ brings to an improved workspace for its occupants when specifying monitor arms for your next project.

Ergonomic Fidelity

Tallo™ was designed to provide a versatile and ergonomic workspace, easily configurable to accommodate users regardless of height, desk configuration, or monitor placement preferences. The key to achieving this started by giving the arm up to 32 centimetres of dynamic height adjustability. This is so screens could be easily adjusted to the perfect position whether either sitting or standing.

Versatility is ensured across axes, where users can adjust the height, depth, and diagonal position with fingertip sensitivity. Because workspace needs are as varied as the people that use them, Tallo™ features 39 different configurations across different mount, colour, as well as gas spring verses fixed arm options.

Precise Positioning

When it comes to maximising user comfort and multi-screen functionality, Fellowes understands even micro-adjustments can create a noticeable impact. The proprietary Tallo™ Slider allows screens to be positioned side by side, gapless, and level—creating a seamless and ergonomically superior viewing experience. By integrating the Tallo™ Slider into the monitor mount, valuable space on the desk surface remains unobstructed.

Surprising Utility

Modern work involves greater movement and cross-device connectivity than ever before. Therefore, developing a faster charging system has been of top priority. Their solution to this challenge is Flexcharge: a desktop charging hub designed specifically for Tallo™. Flexcharge integrates with the base of Tallo™, providing immediate access to two USB Fast Charge ports and wireless charging – making it easier than ever to stay connected while on the move.

Expressive Form

As with all Fellowes innovations, the finished product must invite engagement, exude sophistication, and reflect the same thoughtfulness that drives the engineering process. Their core aim is for products to be both beautiful and functional from the inside out. The unmistakable structural character is marked by angled surfaces and an ascending stance, reinvigorating perceptions of how a monitor arm can transform a workspace. The signature “Splice” design transforms construction components into an iconic, defining visual theme.

Purposeful Presence

Tallo™ not only reimagines how a monitor arm can facilitate productive work, but enriches it through human-centred design. Modern in appearance, robust in performance, Tallo™ makes any desk a productive space for comfortable, meaningful work. Their most sophisticated range of monitor arms are expertly crafted to perform effortlessly.

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