Fellowes' Rising Loft allows complete workspace customisation.

Fellowes has taken workplace productivity to the next level, quite literally, with the launch of Rising Loft - a versatile rail system that inspires users to create their own unique workspace.

Designed to maximise comfort and productivity to enable people to deliver their best work, Rising Loft is "endlessly" adaptable to any preference or equipment setup.

It allows desktop accessories and personal items to be easily integrated, empowering users in creating an adaptable system that best suits their own individual workflow.

Recently described as "stage setting" by Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald at the Material Source Studio Presents: Designing for EDI seminar, and in her book Reworked, personalisation in the workplace is said to be hugely important in instilling a sense of comfort to fuel productivity - “As long as people can have a level of control over the basics, they feel more connected to their workplace, and engaged in the task they’re doing" - Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald.

Mirroring this, not only does Rising Loft allow users to customise their workspace once, but it allows them to do it again and again. The system is flexible and accommodating, adapting to changing work needs in real-time.

Offered in a range of configuration options, colours and rail sizes, this system - unparalleled in the market currently - is the result of years of extensive research and innovative manufacturing methods.

To find out more click here, and to experience Fellowes' products in-situ, visit Material Source Studio Manchester.