Mas Creations by Masquespacio presents 3 Characters, inspired by a meeting of friends.

3 Characters is a collection of chairs and lights inspired by a meeting between three friends. The series includes a lounge chair called Say Hi, another chair named Trencadis and the Dumbbell lamp.

Using the concept, 'opposites attract', the designers of Mas Creations - an initiative from award-winning interior & product design studio Masquespacio - focused on what different forms can bring to the table when it comes to product design - just as three different personalities might in a conversation.

Say Hi has a cheerful personality. Whereas Trencadis has its own distinct character, formed through the challenges it's faced. And Dumbbell is described as fun and upbeat - if it where a person, it would be up for a party.

These three characters sparked the designs of three unique pieces of furniture and lighting. To represent her joyful character, Say Hi comprises a comfortable lounge chair - the furniture equivalent of a warm hug; the Trencadis chair reinterprets the classical technique invented by Gaudí using small broken pieces of ceramics and recreating a unity between them; and the Dumbbell lamp shows some "instability", representing "a naughty personality with a muscular posture".