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We strike a perfect balance between established companies with project-ready materials through to emerging designers, makers, and brands innovating, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and what's coming next.

We showcase new products from designers, makers and manufacturers on a global scale, from wood, glass, ceramic, laminates, and concrete to vinyl, paint, textiles, recycled, and biomaterials?products from the worlds of lighting, furniture, textiles, surfaces, acoustics, flooring, and tech.

We bring you the latest inspirational projects from the workplace, hospitality, residential, education, healthcare, public and commercial environments. We take a closer look at the people and practices who create the projects and use materials every day.

Answering to a growing appetite to discover how things are made, we look at how architects, designers, and makers choose their tools, the challenges they face and the thought process behind specifying for their commercial or individual design projects.

Our aim is simple: to be both Inspirational and Useful; informing and celebrating the importance of materials and products, and championing the people that bring them to life.