Pappelina releases its Bio Edition: Swedish rugs crafted using BIOVYN™.

Swedish rug manufacturer, Pappelina introduces the world's first rug made with BIOVYN™, a carbon neutral, bio-sourced material that originates from tall oil - a by-product of the papermaking process.

Vera 2.0 and Poppy are part of Pappelina's Bio Edition, standing as the first commercially produced rugs using this bio-attributed PVC. Created using 100% renewable feedstock, this biomaterial application delivers a reduction of more than 90% in the product's carbon footprint compared to conventionally produced PVC.

Woven locally in the small village of Leksand and on traditional looms using wooden shuttles, Pappelina has stepped up in terms of its sustainability taking a leap forwards towards carbon neutrality.

Poppy is available in four colours and three sizes, harnessing the delicate details of seed capsules for any indoor or outdoor application.