Since 1987, Caesarstone have been designing and manufacturing the very best premium countertop surfaces.

4004 Raw Concrete & 4141 Misty Carrera / Mouse Tail Coffee, Helen Sirp / Beth Evans Photography

4033 Rugged Concrete / Mimo Cookery School, Roundhouse

5143 White Attica / Therapie Clinic, Oberlanders Architects

Our current award-winning range, spanning quartz, porcelain, and mineral surfaces, has been designed by our in-house team, with input from some of the world’s foremost trend analysts, to suit all types of projects and push boundaries in colour and texture.

Caesarstone surfaces have an authenticity and unique visual quality that sets them apart. Each year they are used by the world’s leading A&D practices. Every expertly crafted Caesarstone slab meets the highest technical standards and has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the heaviest traffic areas in commercial and residential settings.


Quartz, porcelain, and mineral surfaces


Residential, Workplace, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare

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