Casa Ceramica

Casa Ceramica brings cutting-edge designs to architects, interior designers and home owners.

Situated in the ever-developing city of Manchester, its stunning 6000,sqft award-winning showroom offers the very latest in trends and technologies.

With a catalogue of over 6000 tiles available through its website, the creative possibilities are endless. It is a true Northern brand, going back over 30 years, which prides itself on standing out from the crowd.

Its core values are: Aspiration, Innovation and Dedication, aiming to inspire your spaces and help your projects stand out. Casa Ceramica provides the aspirational products you need, alongside the innovation of its showroom and knowledge and dedication of an expert team.






Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Workplace, Public

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Designed by Cristina Celestino. Inspired by a birds’ feathers, this collection is a unique in many ways.

Policroma designed by Cristina Celestino

Policroma designed by Cristina Celestino

The collection’s repertoire of large slabs features motifs inspired by two separate sources: on the one hand the exquisite, always surprising vein texture of some specific metamorphic rocks, and on the other the sophisticated colours of Marmorino plaster.