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Based in the North West, we create, supply and install personalised washroom and cubicle systems nationwide – each one exclusively devised with the client in mind.

Our approach is built on a culture of trust and honesty, and underpinned by our passion for sensitive design. By using years of insight and working with leading architects and designers, we strive to make users feel comfortable, clean, and secure in the most intimate of spaces.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver washroom solutions that exceed expectations in every aspect of functionality, performance and aesthetics. By offering bespoke designs within standardised specifications, we’re able to respond directly to client needs with efficiency, precision and imagination.

The Washroom Workshop

The Washroom Workshop allows designers to experiment with different colours and finishes to create the perfect cubicle for each project. It also gives architects the opportunity to discuss different ideas with their clients using a ‘live mood board’ and helps tackle an important sustainability problem.

When designing a washroom, we know that many architects and designers like to see a mock-up of the cubicle system before it’s sent to the client or site team for approval.

We’re only too happy to make these mock-ups for clients. But once they’ve served their purpose and are of no further use, they generally end up going to landfill.

At Material Source Studio, we've addressed this with the launch of a more sustainable way to seek washroom inspiration. Instead of manufacturing mock-ups, we’re encouraging designers to come and visit The Washroom Workshop, where they can experiment with more than 5,000 different door, pilaster and lock combinations to find the right system.




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