Pixite is a proudly British company with 20 years experience in the technology industry.

We provide LED displays & technologies to cover any surface and go into any location with our emphasis being on the creative & stand out installations. You can rest assured when we partner together the end result will be seamless & stunning.

PIXITE has provided LED displays to some of the largest brands & events in the UK. Our knowledge of all things technology driven means we’ve created entire audio/visual experiences with our background in stage & festival, sound & light. PIXITE is the place to come if you really want to make an impact on your customer.

Our most popular LED Screens use significantly less metal than the typical LED Screen cabinet provided across the global market, with our steel provided sustainably just 11.4 miles from our workshop in Manchester. On average we use 25% less internal components to drive our LED Screens versus a comparable product, reducing material & energy usage across our range with no drop in quality for our customers. Our Eco goals go beyond reducing material usage, our EcoTech displays use less electricity to run & in 2021 we offset our carbon usage by planting trees across our area in the North West using a Quality Assurance Standard provider.

Based in the UK’s Northern Powerhouse of Manchester, our design studio helped to establish the LED display market in the UK with our continually evolving designs for nightclubs, bars & head offices. We believe in attentive customer service, excellent value for money & a spectacular end product. This is what sets us apart from the crowd. Choose a Pixite LED Display today. Let’s create together.




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