We are furniture designers and manufacturers with a passion for quality and craftsmanship. We believe in timeless products that are made to last.

Our insightful and knowledgeable sales team, passionate and innovative design department, and our vast number of highly skilled craftsmen and women are the very soul of sixteen3.

Our in-house design team are consistently focussed on innovating with form and colour, researching materials and pushing the boundaries of product life cycle and ensuring timeless and long-lasting pieces which fuse both durability and style.

Sustainability is at the forefront in the creation of our products and we’re inspired to evolve and be better with every new furniture range. Our designs feature a multitude of ground-breaking recyclable and renewable materials, like fast growing bamboo and recycled plastics. We’re under no illusions though, we accept that nothing can last forever, which is why we also offer products which can be dismantled and recycled, as well returned to us for reupholstering or repurposing.






Workplace, Education, Hospitality, Residential

Material Source Studios

Manchester, Glasgow

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With an architecturally inspired, asymmetric silhouette, Milo tables add an element of creativity and intrigue to any environment. Crafted with a strong yet lightweight steel structure and precise design detailing and a range of top finishes. Clever invisible fixing methods allow Milo tables to be shipped flat-packed, reducing packaging requirements transport volume, significantly lowering the environmental impact.