Saint Charles champions natural materials in its Salzburg city centre store.

Natural cosmetics brand Saint Charles has opened its third mono-brand store in the city centre of Salzburg.

Located in a historical building from the 14th century, the focus is on handmade, organic materials illustrating the brand's connection to nature, design and regional craftsmanship.

Founded more than 130 years ago, Saint Charles has its philosophy deeply rooted in the traditions of European Medicine. The reduced store design puts the emphasis on the value of the diverse product range: natural materials such as wood and raw steel feed into the honesty of the brand.

In order to show the products in their best light, whitewashed wooden pedestals are arranged against the walls, displaying different testers, while products are arranged on steel shelves at eye level and to be close at hand. Two central counters have been clad in cracked slip tiles by Matthias Kaiser, creating the shop's focal point.

Further moveable pedestals displaying additional products are placed in the centre of the room, to be moved towards the shop windows while the shop is closed.