d line collaborate with &Shufl, announcing a new partnership of future proof pull-handles.

d line launch a playful and unique collaboration with the disruptive Danish kitchen designer, &Shufl. The mission being simple - to challenge end-users to make the sustainable, highly enduring choice.

In Denmark, kitchen replacements on a average occur every eleven years. Not only is this an enormous waste of resources, but is also financially a waste. In the pursuit of creating solutions that endure, D line have partnered with &Shufl to challenge this underlying misconception that new is better.

Shuffle with materials and product possibilities

&Shufl's ethos is fundamentally based on adding simple, reliable parameters to kitchens with as little CO2 emission as possible, so that they can circulate within a circular enconomy. With just a few adjustments in cabinets or tables tops, an entire room in terms of form, function and aesthetics can be challenged and modified.

&Shufl's customers can also choose between d line cabinet handles, and as with everything it does, it is approached from an environmentally conscious point of view. With &Shufl’s KEEP concept, customers have the possibility to return used d line cabinet handles, to reuse and avoid unnecessary production. This opens unseen potential, as the handles can live in up to several kitchens during their 20- year warranty period alone.

The original pull handle

The Ø14mm pull handle - not originally intended as a kitchen cabinet handle - has existed in d line's well respected product portfolio for more than fifty years, as one of the first pieces in our launch collection. With a new profile and a carefully curated colour palett selected by &Shufl, the handle has become a tribute to the clean, careful and durable design d line is known for, paired with the playful and sustainably front-running design of &Shufl.

Like the remainder of the d line portfolio, the handle is sufficiently minimalistic to be timeless in its design, where the beauty comes from its Ø14mm rounded tube profile. The handle is made of non-corrosive, 100% recyclable stainless steel (AISI 316) – a material preference by d line - and is then applied with various striking colour finishes. The eight carefully curated colours by &Shufl are satin stainless steel, brass look, copper look, charcoal, red, blue, green and white. With a twenty year warranty on the product, d line takes its commitment as a modern design company seriously.

Opposites attract

Despite there being a stark contrast between a young, entrepreneurial kitchen designer and a company that has been handcrafting the same original iterations since the seventies, it did not fall to coincidence that d line and &Shufl sought each other. &Shufl is founded and developed by architects who, in their schooling, could not avoid becoming acquainted with acclaimed d line Master, Knud Holscher.

In the search for another handle to complement our collection, it was actually quite difficult to overlook Knud Holscher’s d line. This combination of colours from our universe goes really well, we believe, with the very strict design which Knud created way back in the seventies. – Kristoffer Brems, founder of &Shufl

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