Smile Plastics’ brand-new material Heron takes flight.

Whilst in the wild, spotting a Heron can be rare, Smile Plastics’ brand-new material of the same name is very much in stock and ready to take flight in commercial interior projects.

With layered feathery soft grey tones, a smattering of yellow hues, warm ochre flecks, black and blizzard white, it’s hard to imagine that Heron came from humble beginnings. But, in fact, it was created from the staple kitchen fixtures we use every day. Would-be discarded white goods make up the foundations of the Heron mix, bringing a unique aesthetic and colour palette that is less reminiscent of its original material make-up and more alike the appearance of the statuesque bird after which it was named.

As with all of Smile Plastics’ materials, remnants of Heron’s previous life can be spied on its surface. Thus, providing a subtle and creative nod to the part it plays in the circular lifecycle that the built environment’s future crucially relies on.

“At Smile Plastics, we believe that seeing a material’s previous life on its surface adds to its aesthetic”, comments Emily Skinner, project manager, Smile Plastics. “Narrative plays a hugely important role in how we perceive would-be waste, and just as with nature, if ‘imperfections’ are highlighted and celebrated as part of a product’s lifecycle, we can ensure a much healthier, circular manufacturing process – something our built environment desperately needs to survive.

“Heron is the embodiment of this ideology – its humble yet unique material mix is what makes it beautiful, with flecks of yellow, ochre, black and white resulting in a warm and versatile palette perfect for commercial interior schemes.”

Available in 3000mm x 1200mm x 5, 12 or 20mm sheets, and other small format sizes, it’s the ideal addition to sustainability-conscious commercial schemes, from workplace, to hospitality, co-living to BTR.

After previewing as part of the Geometric Jungle installation at the London Design Festival’s Material Matters showcase, Smile Plastics is excited to be offering readily-available stock for commercial projects of all sizes and turnaround timescales.