The Awakening Palette: A chromatic collaboration between Ultrafabrics and Pantone.

Well respected colour and material specialists, Pantone and Ultrafabrics have joined forces to deliver a vibrant collection of eight fabric colours - inspired by Pantone’s colour of the Year.

Pantone chose Ultrafabrics as an expert collaborator to show how the Colour of the Year can be worked into future-forward spaces for the built environment.

Ultrafabrics is a world leading producer of high-quality performance fabrics in eleven global markets and now a newly joined partner at Material Source Studio, Manchester. The brand’s most recent collaboration is the curation of the Awakening palette - a collection of eight colours inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta

Ultrafabrics is no stranger to partnering up with some of the world's most cutting-edge companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Fitbit, Virgin Galactic, JetBlue and MillerKnoll, to name just a few. Now it has teamed up with British stylist, Olly Mason and Brazilian digital visualisation studio, jformento to bring their proposed palette to life. Together they envision five different, future-forward and highly imaginative spaces that demonstrate how colour and thoughtful use of the Awakening Palette can impact any interior space.

This proposed spectrum incorporates the use of Pantone 18-750 Viva Magenta, marrying it with hues found in nature. Each colour in this collaborative palette represents the elements: air, earth, water and fire - bringing the euphoria and energy of the outdoors, in.

This isn’t just about envisioning our fabrics spaces, it’s about a chorus of materials that reference the depth and breadth of how the Colour of the Year is used, combined with a design vision for the future. - Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics

The Ultrafabrics Awakening palette pairs well alongside similar Pantone shades according to Barry Silverman, Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Ultrafabrics. “Pantone’s Colour of the Year is a critical driver of design. Together with Pantone, we’re looking forward to helping designers bring cultural timeliness to timeless design. The collaboration will help the design industry connect to the colour zeitgeist in a sustainable and enduring way.”

Ultrafabrics will deepen its partnership with Pantone throughout 2023 in a series of co-branded global and interactive events, sharing their expertise on how colour can be implemented in almost any type of space - further exploring Viva Magenta’s application possibilities across the world of interiors and more.

Ultrafabrics special edition colour, Vivid Punch, is now available within their design-led UF Select Montage collection. This shade can also be custom developed across its portfolio, including; Brisa, Ultraleather and its bio-based fabric, Volar Bio.

Kimberle Frost, resident colour specialist at Ultrafabrics, comments: “We want to inspire designers and encourage them to think a little differently about approaching bold colours like Viva Magenta. The palette is a collection of eight readily available Ultrafabrics products, closely matched to Pantone shades. They combine the beauty of warm, grounded neutrals with harmonious colours found in nature - all tied around Viva Magenta - which gives this palette a vibrancy and energy. Calling it ‘Awakening’ feels appropriate given that we have come out a pandemic, and we’ll soon be emerging from winter hibernation. It’s about a moment when we are suddenly aware and ready to reset.”

Workplace: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Workplace: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Awakening the modern workplace

Viva Magenta takes centre stage in this sharp, energising workspace. The clean, refined features offer a comforting but sleek aesthetic to the incorporated modular elements. The use of biophilic design oxygenates and invigorates the environment, providing a warming contrast to the future-forward 3D printed concrete elements.

Shrubs and greenery have been planted to contribute to occupants wellbeing, happiness and productivity and natural light is flushed through the glass ceiling - casting calming shadows of the planting across the space. The Viva Magenta wall, covered in Ultrafabrics’ Vivid Punch, adds a boost of refreshing colour - whilst also dividing the airy space as a booth where people can work, collaborate or socialise.

Using bright, white stone, as well as warming woods and wovens on modular furniture grounds the space in earthiness. Rounded, organic sofas covered in Ultrafabrics’ green Volar Bio fabric complement the planting and reflect the outside - harmonising the interior and exterior elements of the building.

Healthcare: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Healthcare: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Awakening and re-thinking healthcare spaces

The entirety of the Awakening Palette is used in this dynamic and forward-thinking waiting room of a healthcare facility against a backdrop of natural light and pale wood. The incorporated wooden elements are inspired by biophilic research into its health-boosting qualities.

Architects and designers are also no longer sticking to one colour. Here modular seating is covered in several hues of the Awakening Palette - playful in its positioning. The palette comprises of calming blue, pops of Viva Magenta and touches of the more neutral taupes and brown thrown in for good measure. The discreet booth has a wall covered in white fabric and acts as a sound barrier for more private moments and discussions, bringing a sensitivity to this setting.

Outside: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Outside: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Awakening the outdoors

Any outdoor space, whether residential or hospitality, deserves colour. In this case, Olly Mason has created an elegant outdoor space imagined in a modern hotel within a tropical climate. The pool is the centre of the outdoor area, with the seating and lounge chairs covered in Coast outdoor fabric - brought to life with splashes of Viva Magenta. The Ultrafabrics outdoor collection is often used for boats and yachts due to its trusted water resistance and ability to withstand salt water and pool chlorine. The corner bar animates the space and the foliage provides both warmth and shade dotted around the pool.

Resimmercial: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Resimmercial: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Awakening hospitality and home

Modern, fresh and liveable, this residential or commercial interior has everything: comfort, style, warmth and colour. The oak-coloured ceiling dramatically frames the huge windows that look out onto picturesque mountain views. The brown neutrals bring a sense of earthiness – from the woven rug to the Promessa in Horsehair fabric on the chairs. The green sofa is a nod to the surrounding greenery, while Vivid Punch brings just the right amount of liveliness to the space without seeming out of place.

RV: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

RV: Ultrafabrics & Pantone. Images: jformento | Styling: Olly Mason.

Awakening RV

The recreational vehicle market is given a real revamp with this particular look to the of the future of travel. jformento and Olly Mason have created a light-filled, glass-topped vehicle that is spacious, chic and fun - truly bringing the wonderful outdoors, in. The light wooden elements complement the cosy sofa bed, with Ultraleather Sonora covering the seating by the table, reflecting the colour of the trees and grass outside. Vivid Punch is used in small but powerful doses to bring life to their neutral counterparts.