Ultrafabrics’ Sanctuary Palette inspires a wellbeing refuge.

New York-based Ultrafabrics, the global leader in high-tech performance fabric, brings its Sanctuary Palette to life within a soothing safe haven, in collaboration with WeWantMore Studio.

Inspired by its second partnership with Pantone and the 2023 Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, Ultrafabrics set out to curate a series of therapeutic retreat-style spaces using the velvety and gentle peach tones of the 2023 crowned colour.

Themed around WeWantMore’s concept of the ‘The Nest’, the design studio harness AI technology and the warm, restorative Sanctuary Palette to create two ethereal spaces centred around wellbeing and inclusivity. Including a lounge and a meditation space, the colours install a slower, reflective approach to daily life whilst enriching the mind, body and soul of its inhabitants. Nestled between tones of pink and orange, a peach-coloured Brisa arches over the lounge space, gently twisting into a delicate bird’s nest - symbolising refuge and protection.

The Sanctuary Palette marries colours found in Pantone’s universe with fabrics in Ultrafabrics’ own extensive portfolio to elevate PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz and lend real-world applications for a built environment. Starring muted pink, deep maroon, apricot, rusted yellows, and mellow neutral, the collection stands as a cohesive and grounding scheme applicable for any interior, be it residential, healthcare, office, or hospitality.

Nicole Meier, director of branding at Ultrafabrics, comments, “We have seen an incredible response to our partnership with Pantone’s Color of the Year with a worldwide audience of creatives in architecture, furniture, automotive, marine and aviation. That continues to be the purpose of our collaboration, to inspire conversation with people building our collective future.”

The Sanctuary Palette, like all colour-focused exploration, was developed in Ultrafabrics’ Colour Lab and led by Kimberle Frost. “The Sanctuary Palette incorporates Peach Fuzz and grounds it in a mineral-based colour palette that is warm, enveloping and conveys a sense of refuge and protection. In a world filled with uncertainty, consumers are collectively seeking refuge and striving for more meaningful, intentional lives, on positive connections. As we re-evaluate what success and purpose mean to us, we're embracing a slower, reflective approach that's leaving its mark on the ever-changing landscape of design and colour", she comments.

The Lounge

The Lounge concept is a treehouse-like space that could be a hospitality environment, a waiting room in a healthcare facility or a luxurious house that is cocooning and warm. Elements of nature provide a sense of wellbeing, light floods in through high windows and the organic Ultrafabrics-covered furniture is inviting and the perfect place to relax and read, or indeed socialise with friends and family. The room is expertly styled with peach as the core colour, with the Sanctuary Palette adding a deeper, elegant feel to the space.

The Meditation Space

This room is very much designed for focus, relaxation, and wellbeing. The textural chair is the centrepiece of the room and the surrounding cushions are there for comfort and coziness. The curved benches allow space for socialising and the cut-outs of the windows offer an interesting way for light to flow in.

WeWantMore is an Antwerp-based, award-winning design studio that works across Benelux, France, UK and beyond. Its strong design thinking uses authentic storytelling across branding, art direction and interior design, to create inspiring projects.