1. Rosy Napper - ReCinder.

ReCinder is a 100% recycled material made from discarded broken ceramic and waste ash that has been diverted from landfill.

A greener, waste-based alternative to industrially processed clay, ReCinder is self-glazing, eradicating the need for conventionally mined and environmentally damaging raw materials often used in ceramic glazes.

The material is also versatile. As well as being suitable for tiling, furniture and tableware, most importantly it can be used for lighting due to its unique translucent quality.

ReCinder is one of the only 100% recycled ceramic materials currently on the market capable of translucency.

Designer: Rosy Napper
Project: ReCinder
Material Breakdown: Made from 100% waste products (discarded ceramic, waste ash)
Main Uses: Residential products and interiors (lighting, tiling, and furniture).
Key Fact: Has the ability to filter harmful blue light (that is present in almost all energy efficient sustainable bulbs), which has been linked to sleep cycle disruption.

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