2. MABE Bio - Angico bioleather.

MABE Bio is a cleantech startup based in São Paulo, Brazil, that combines technology and nature to create regenerative materials for different industries.

By investigating the potential of Brazilian biodiversity, the team has created its first material, Angico bioleather.

Employing a systemic approach, MABE Bio is developing plant-based material from native and abundant Brazilian species, thus contributing to reforestation projects nationwide and strengthening the local economy.

Designer: MABE Bio
Project: Angico bioleather
Material Breakdown: Plant-based material similar to bovine leather but free of plastics and petrochemicals. One of the main ingredients is the fruit of the Angico tree.
Main Uses: Interior design & accessories
Key Fact: Production eschews toxic and petrochemical inputs while using 90% less water compared to traditional animal leather.

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