11. Hannah Elisabeth Jones - 100% Grass Materials.

Hannah Elisabeth Jones is a multidisciplinary artist-designer specialising in biomaterials and organic colour.

Her latest project comprises regenerative materials made entirely from grass cuttings sourced by hand within North-West England. The materials do not contain any synthetic or natural binders. Unlike most other plants for fibres and trees for paper pulp, grass is a locally abundant resource and does not die when cut – but continuously grows. Once used, the materials can biodegrade and contribute to soil organic matter.

The fibreboard, paper and cordage have different properties and therefore could have varied applications. As part of her PhD research, Hannah will be testing the mechanical properties of the fibreboard in her University to compare against current single-use inner packaging materials like polystyrene and moulded cardboard.

Designer: Hannah Elisabeth Jones
Project: 100% Grass Materials
Material Breakdown: 100% locally sourced grass cuttings
Main Uses: Alternative packaging or insulation materials
Key Fact: In 2021, over 1.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard packaging waste in the UK was not recycled but sent to landfill or incineration (Defra, 2022).

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