9. Georgie Gerrard - Mycelium pieces for big. store by Nina+Co.

Credit: Anna Batchelor

Georgie Gerrard is a creator of sculptural objects made from mycelium. For her most recent project, she crafted pieces for the bio-based interiors of London's big. store by Nina+Co.

The mycelium pieces were commissioned to work in conjunction with the selection of natural and up-cycled materials in the store concept, in particular, the recycled gypsum columns and the reclaimed travertine tops, each providing a ‘stone-like’ effect, despite being composed of entirely different materials.

The mycelium columns are grown around a central reclaimed pipe, which are exposed in sections of the window display columns, visually connecting them with the metal surface they are supporting.

The mycelium is a 100% bio-based, biodegradable substrate, that also serves to display both the sculptural and functional qualities that this material can possess within an interior setting.

Designer: Georgie Gerrard
Project: Mycelium pieces for big. store by Nina+Co
Material Breakdown: Biomatter (beechwood sawdust, straw) and reishi mycelium, grown around reclaimed construction pipe (components can be separated; the pipe can be reused, and the mycelium is biodegradable)
Main Uses: Commercial interior design
Key Fact: The mycelium material is strong and fast growing, taking only a matter of weeks to grow. Once it has fulfilled its product life, it can simply be broken up and biodegraded, without negatively impacting our environment, and even providing nutrients for the soil.

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Credit: Anna Batchelor

Credit: Anna Batchelor