15. Zena Holloway - Rootfull.

Rootfull seeks to "unite design with biology and reconnect humanity with nature". Through contemporary craft, innovation and invention, Zena Holloway grows root into memorable artefacts that cultivate material intelligence and regenerative design.

Rootfull is a pioneering project that grows wheatgrass into templates carved from beeswax to create lamps and acoustic wall hangings from root. Over 12 days the shoot grows to 20cm while the root binds below to form a naturally woven structure.

With sustainability at the heart of the process, the ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Water is reused from runoff and any leftover shoot or seed is eaten as animal fodder. The pieces show that the power of plants is infinitely renewable, and nature’s amazing capabilities are simply waiting for us to tap into.

Root is a fascinating and versatile material to craft and the most honest results are achieved by working with the natural flows of the fibre. Zena grows the material into lamps that seek to shine a light on this hidden natural fibre, to reveal a textile that invites intrigue and wonder at nature's unique capabilities.

Each design combines sustainability, innovation, and bio-sculpture by allowing the root to weave its own path through templates carved from beeswax. Rather like a tree growing, the root takes different paths every time, altering the light and shadow of each lamp to make each one individual.

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Designer: Zena Holloway
Project: Rootfull
Material Breakdown: Root
Main Uses: Commercial interior design - for surfaces, artefacts, fashion, wall art, sculpture, and lamps
Key Fact: Root textile is biodegradable, pollution-free, water-efficient, and estimated carbon neutral.