23. Studio Sarmite - (Un)woven.

Can colour make textile waste attractive? When recycling not only fibres but also colour itself – what new production methods emerge?

From marble-like patterns to developing novel dyeing processes for mixed blend unrecyclable textile fibres - Studio Sarmite investigates various waste streams from the textile industry as a resource for creating new material lifecycle concepts.

(Un)woven is a new bio-textile concept made of inferior textile fibres, created as an alternative to the flawed traditional textile recycling process. A unique production method turns inferior mixed blends into a lightweight biotextile suitable for fashion, interior and product design applications. Emphasising recyclability over longevity, the sturdy material can be recycled at the end of its life and repurposed for new production cycles over and over again.

The designer has developed two colour concepts. The marble line reveals new aesthetics and highlights the previous lives of each worn garment through colour and structural nuances. Waste does not have a single tone. Instead, it mesmerizes with depths and patterns that create a complexity visible once looked closer at. Natural pigments are used to further remove the existing stigma of recycled textiles.

Together with Roua Atelier, Studio Sarmite developed a pioneering dyeing method for mixed blends. The dyeing is integrated directly into the making of the biotextile thus leading to a unique design language and subtle, sophisticated colour palette.

(Un)woven is part of a larger project investigating various waste streams from the textile industry. Post-consumer garments, production waste, fibres, dust and even dye waste are seen as a resource for the creation of new material concepts. This project has been funded by the European Commission.

Credits: Studio Sarmite - A design studio for non-heroic materials. Designers Sarmite Polakova and Mara Berzina. In collaboration with Roua Atelier (Roua Alhalabi).

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Designer: Studio Sarmite
Project: (Un)woven
Material Breakdown: 60% textile waste, 60% natural, biodegradable glue
Main Uses: Interior design - walls, panels, surfaces, products, furniture upholstery. Fashion & product design
Key Fact: 100% recycled fibres, 0% virgin fibres.

Credit: Studio Mass (Anastasija Mass)

Credit: Studio Mass (Anastasija Mass)

Credit: Studio Mass (Anastasija Mass)

Credit: Studio Mass (Anastasija Mass)