24. Eline van Dijkman - Rubber.

Rubber, a design material, proposes a series of circular furniture made from recycled rubber waste that displays the material’s unique properties and potential.

Van Dijkman created an outdoor set with raw-chunky cut-outs of sheet material that are originally used for the agriculture industry. The furniture features clean lines, sharp angles and a rough unpolished finish, portraying an industrial aesthetic while highlighting visual imperfections of the recycled material.

Working with a company that processes and mechanically recycles rubber worldwide, van Dijkman explored the circular economy of rubber as an opportunity to create new and innovative products which fit into the world of design. 

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Designer: Eline van Dijkman
Project: Rubber
Material Breakdown: 100% recycled rubber
Main Uses: Outdoor furniture design
Key Fact: Collaborator DRI Rubber reprocesses and handles approximately 50,000 metric tonnes of rubber waste material every year.