4. Caracara Collective - Reclaim.

Caracara Collective is an experimental design studio based in Helsinki, Finland, that envisions a future without waste where humans and non-humans can co-exist and thrive.

Their practice aims to utilise local waste streams to create 100% organic, biodegradable and durable materials that could be implemented in the fields of design, art & architecture.

Reclaim is a lampshade range made from orange peel and pine needles. The orange peel comes from the juice machines of a local supermarket, and the pine needles are collected from Christmas trees that local residents discard each year.

Designer: Caracara Collective
Project: Reclaim
Material Breakdown: Orange peel from a local supermarket’s juice machines. Pine needle pendant - pine needles from discarded Christmas trees. Shredded reed from lake shorelines for texture, organic binder.
Main Uses: Pendants, wall tiles, artwork, and furniture for home, public, and commercial settings.
Key Fact: Making two litres of orange juice results in around 10 squeezed oranges — the amount of peel needed to produce one lampshade.

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