d line's Arne Jacobsen and Knud Holscher collections enhance experience at Vyn, Sweden.

On the top of a hill in the scenic landscape of Österlen in Sweden, you'll find one of Scandinavia’s finest culinary experiences.

Daniel Berlin, who used to run the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Daniel Berlin Krog, has now embarked on a new journey with Vyn restaurant & boutique hotel. With Vyn, he set out to create a true Scandinavian experience with a seasonal cuisine and interiors to match the surrounding landscape.

Vyn means 'view' in Swedish, and the place certainly lives up to the name with its mesmerising view of the Baltic Sea. Interior designer Lisa Mannheimer from Fojab Arkitekter, who worked closely with Daniel on this project, explains that the vision was “to create a place, a destination, for an overall experience where the restaurant, food and service are central but where the interior becomes an important part of the overall experience.”

The building, originally a stately farm, has been revitalised with carefully curated materials to ensure that the vision was brought to life. The materials used are consistent with the vision and guests will be met with warm and natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and wool which conforms with the Nordic ambience of the restaurant and hotel.

“What is important to me is to work with building details, materials, furnishings, and furniture that maintain a high quality and that appeal to all our senses. It must last over time, it must age with dignity, but it must also be beautiful to the eye and preferably pleasant to hold and soft to the touch. If it also smells good of limestone and wood, that is an extra bonus”, explains Lisa.

The attention to durability, high quality and tactual sensation includes the choice of hardware and lever handles. Throughout the hotel and restaurant guests get to experience the superior quality of the stainless steel lever handles from two of d line’s most loved collections designed by Arne Jacobsen and Knud Holscher. The iconic, curved lever handle by Arne Jacobsen was in fact designed after the shape a palm’s grip – creating an organic shape and a soft touch.

The handles are fitted on doors of equal quality, delivered by one of d line’s partners, Njord Design, a Swedish door manufacturer that creates durable interior doors at its factory in Skåne. The lever handles and hardware from d line blend seamlessly with the deep green and massive oak doors and becomes an integral part of the space.