H2R's Rove Bar proves that good design is all in the details.

Comprising an interior that melds modernity and playfulness with a touch of sophistication, H2R's Rove Bar - situated within the Rove at the Park Hotel, Dubai - was built to extend the hotel’s quirky charm.

"A classy and stylish space tempered by sophistication", Rove Bar presents an exclusive retreat for hotel guests. In creating this getaway, H2R Design has taken care to retain the hotel’s ethos to cater to the thrill-seeking adventurers and ‘rovers’. All the while, translating the playfulness and youthful, excitement-filled atmosphere that permeates the family-focused hotel into a mood-elevating, exclusive bar to suit the target customers.

As the original interior designers of the entire property, including the rooms, facilities, lounges and outdoor spaces, H2R Design was tasked to develop the bar concept, keeping in mind the signature theme at the hotel. As a result, the design concept for the bar includes a variety of elements such as a central focus point and a variety of seating styles, from semi-private areas to chill lounge seating, all in keeping with the overarching thematic styles to maintain harmony across the complete hospitality experience.

The ideation of the design included the use of mixed-media art, multi-coloured, prismatic motifs, and the application of a variety of textures. As such, the scheme exudes modernity and vivaciousness, while staying casual and fun.

The main direction came from the property's character. However, given that Rove Bar was designed and developed months after the hotel's opening, H2R Design had the opportunity to expand on the frivolity of the space and add a touch more quirkiness.

Key design details include "jubilant colourways and conspicuous corners". The vibrancy instantly attracts onlookers and allures them into the venue. And, what was initially supposed to be a secluded hideaway, has now turned into one of the main attractions in the entertainment-themed hotel.

The focal point of the venue is the large bar with its towering effect amidst the colours, walkways and seats, and the checkered style ceiling design above the bar creates a sporty feel. The rich turquoise glass mosaic tiles add sophistication, while the countertop made of epoxy resin terrazzo finishes solidifies the build. Stainless steel skirting has been added to the base of the bar, and brass covers the counter's edge.

Another key space is the semi-private dining area anecdotally called the 'Red Room' in deference to its fiery crimson walls and mix of glossy and matt red tiles. This room is designed with a powder-coated metal to mesh the framework. Additionally, red pendant lighting fixtures have been added to the ceiling to further enforce the power of the colour in the room.

The coffee tables in the lounge area - which we are particularly fond of - are custom made with epoxy resin terrazzo finishes.

Rove Bar also contains a Lego wall, inspired by the adjacent Legoland park, tying in the theme to the space. Some walls within the venue have paint finishes and wood cladding, while others have imaginative wallpaper with artistic undertones.

With considerable focus on the diverse optical experience, the use of lighting required strategy and a delicate touch. H2R Design worked with a lighting scheme that enables the various disparate design elements to meld and fuse into a unique and unifying whole.

Brass pendant lights have been used above the bar counter, while a very unique set of floor lamps designed by Artemide have been carefully placed for impact.