Liqui incorporates a ‘Japandi’ aesthetic in its latest coffee shop design for Brew92.

Liqui has completed the interior architecture of a new coffee shop and flagship store for Brew92, a speciality café and roastery brand, and a well-established client.

Set within a strikingly angular, almost brutalist-like, concrete and glass building, this original coffee space is located on King’s Road, the main road to Jeddah. With Liqui’s in-depth understanding of coffee shop design, it created every element of the interior, including: the sleek, open kitchen, seating areas, staircase, and the enticing ‘hidden’ retail space. Liqui’s approach merged elements of both Scandinavian and Japanese design, to produce a unique brand experience for Brew92.

To complement the building’s brutalist-like edifice, Liqui incorporated floor-to-ceiling concrete columns within the coffee shop’s design. In order to soften the minimalist appearance, it introduced curves where the columns join with horizontal beams. The use of concrete columns serve two purposes: to act as supports for the second-storey retail space, and to add a sense of structural grandeur to the interior.

To achieve a more relaxed setting, Liqui included materials such as terrazzo for the floors, and oak for the grid-like dividers, screen walls, and window louvres used throughout the coffee shop. As well as having a decorative quality, the oak window structures also temper the sun’s intensity, providing much-needed shade. Moreover, these wood structures were crafted as a clever way in which to reduce solar heat gain: this reduces the need for air conditioning, thereby lessening the building’s energy consumption.

In addition to the grid-like formation framing each window, the coffee shop interior is dappled with ever-changing natural light, something that has a positive effect on the well-being of patrons. To further enhance a sense of well-being, Liqui incorporated a variety of green foliage, from plants to small trees in planters. The combination of wood, light, and greenery adds to the ‘Japandi’ aesthetic (mixing Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality).

Liqui has designed a number of premium coffee shops for Brew92, each with its own unique interior. For Brew92’s latest space, Liqui went further, creating even more of an experiential design. The new coffee shop includes a ‘hidden’ retail space that is accessed via a ‘bridge’ at the top of the stairs.

Both the bridge and stairs are enclosed by perforated oak screens: this punctilious design partially obscures the coffee shop below and adds to a sense of intrigue as customers make their way to the retail space. Here, coffee equipment and Brew92 lifestyle goods are meticulously displayed on bespoke wood shelving.

As a full service design agency, Liqui’s own sustainable contract furniture and commercial lighting perfectly complement its interior design projects. Liqui’s furniture and lighting are an integral part of the Brew92 experience and brand DNA, and provide a cohesive vision across each of its coffee shops. In this most recent Brew92 space, Liqui incorporated a range of lighting and furniture (in custom colours) from its collection, alongside original, custom-made pieces. Lighting includes the Margot Small, Trafford Large, and Whittington pendants. Furniture includes a mix of chairs, tables, and shelves: the Milne Chair, Francis Easy Chair, Jasper Counter Stool, Georgie Coffee Table and Side Table, Hugo Table, and Shaw Shelves.

Custom-made pieces include the Jasper Bench, Sofa, High Table, Long Table, and Side Table. The design of this Jasper series has a particularly appealing Japanese aesthetic. Cylindrical and pebble-like shapes are prominent features of the furniture and lighting used in this Brew92 space. As a result, they harmonise with the interior architecture, such as the curved concrete corners, creating a cohesive interior design.

Liqui provided Brew92 with clear visual renders of the finished project, together with extensive design intent drawings, showing where everything would go. With its furniture and lighting manufactured in the UK, Liqui handled all shipping logistics.

Throughout the entire coffee shop build, Liqui acted as Brew92’s dedicated virtual creative department, assisting in the sourcing of materials, choosing paint finishes, and resolving any issues that might arise. The completed coffee shop and flagship store is testament to Liqui’s creative prowess and vision. Beautifully imagined, the space is a welcoming oasis of calm, a place to work or relax while enjoying a choice selection of coffees and drinks. Overall, the design highlights Brew92’s pre-eminent position in the Middle East’s speciality coffee culture.