Pallavi Dean's Roar looks to the future with launch of metaverse venture.

Dubai-based architecture and interior design firm Roar has launched its first commercial venture in the metaverse with the purchase of two plots of virtual land in Decentraland - a "virtual destination for digital assets".

Roar founder and creative director Pallavi Dean comments: “The metaverse is clearly a lasting commercial phenomenon, not a passing fad, so we want – and need – to be there. By launching Roar Meta Space, we’re creating a one-stop-shop to design and develop property in the virtual realm. We’re already in advanced discussions with several clients about really exciting projects”.

Situated in close vicinity to the desirable fashion district, Roar plans to develop the plots into a multi-functional space, which will include a selling art gallery, a furniture showroom and store as well as a creative and business event space and an experimental hotel of the future. The evolution of the development can be followed on Instagram: @roarmetaspace.

Pallavi explains: “The metaverse has been in the making for decades: I’m 40, and I grew up playing computer games like Sim City; my kids have been building in Minecraft and Fortnite for years – we just never used the word ‘metaverse’ before.”

Pallavi elaborates: “This is not unchartered territory for us. Designing with AR and VR is second nature, it’s how we work, they’re the tools of our trade. Traditionally we would hand the designs to engineers and builders to create a physical space – the metaverse simply cuts out that part of the process”.

Pallavi believes the key to success in the metaverse is the removal of the two main barriers to creativity in architecture: safety regulations and budget. However, making spaces relatable instead of ultra-futuristic or sci-fi remains vital. Enduring design always wins in the end.

Roar is an award-winning interior design and architecture firm based in Dubai, UAE. A team of 30 designers has been creating physical spaces across the region – from homes and hotels to offices and schools – since 2013. The plots bought by Roar in Decentraland cost approximately 18,600 Mana (US$36,000).