Supporting a flexible and sustainable workplace, Vepa's Be Hybrid task chair is built from 76% recycled content.

Vepa has launched the Be Hybrid task chair in response to the need to cater to a wide variety of multi-user working environments.

Suited to workplace, learning environments, meeting places, and also the home, the Be Hybrid facilitates flexibility for users in a broad range of commercial interior schemes - seating users comfortably straight away, and easily operated with just one button.

The chair offers support in every seating position thanks to its patented mechanism, together with the flexibility of the frame material. The hinge points of the chair are located directly at the hinge points of the user, i.e. the knee joint and the hip and pelvic joints.

As a result, the user’s weight is essentially converted automatically by the mechanism into the right counter pressure. This counter pressure guarantees immediate support for everyone that uses the chair, in any sitting position.

Excluding the cross-foot and the gas spring, the chair is made entirely from waste - totalling 76% recycled content.

Though currently one of the most circular task chairs on the market, Vepa's long term objective is for the Be Hybrid to be made from 100% recycled materials.