sixteen3 launches Betto: Its largest range of tables to date, designed to bring people together.

Furniture manufacturer, sixteen3 has announced its latest and largest table range yet, Betto. A spin on the phrase 'Better Together', Betto is crafted with a focus on fostering collaboration and teamwork in modern workspaces.

Betto's inviting design and versatile functionality is perfect for accommodating larger groups, and its product range offers designers a diverse selection of options, available in Standard, Counter, and Poseur heights. By factoring in a wide variety of seating or standing preferences, Betto responds to the varied needs of every workplace.

The range of heights can be combined and staggered to create a dynamic layered effect, optimising the utilisation of meeting spaces, and allowing further depth to interior colour schemes. Whether it be facilitating casual brainstorming sessions or hosting formal presentations, Betto's flexible design ensures it can accommodate a wide range of group dynamics and activities, enhancing collaboration and productivity in any setting.

At the core of Betto's design is its oversized pedestal-style construction, providing sturdy support and a sleek yet bold aesthetic. Thoughtfully designed with optimal comfort and usability in mind, Betto's central pedestal ensures there are no uncomfortable leg position clashes to inhibit the user's seating positions.

Additionally, these colourful columns serve a dual purpose: not only do they enhance the table's visual appeal, but they also seamlessly conceal the wiring of any integrated power units, creating a clutter-free workspace.

Complementing the robust pedestal design, Betto tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circular, oval-shaped, or D-shapes between 1000mm and 2400mm in size. This versatility provides ample space for teams of all sizes to gather and collaborate effectively. The distinctive geometric shape profiles not only make a powerful visual statement, but also offer users the flexibility to position themselves around the perimeter without navigating awkward corner sections.

To further customise the look and feel of Betto tables, customers can choose from a large selection of 24 metal pedestal colours for the minimalists or maximalists alike. The premium laminate table tops, available in twelve colours with seamless edge banding, offer sleek durability and style, allowing for nearly 300 different style combinations when paired with the diverse base options.

"Betto stands for 'Better Together', emphasising our goal of creating a table range which inspires groups of people to come together and collaborate as one," explains Burcu Kale, creative marketer at sixteen3.

In response to the evolving needs of collaborative workspaces, sixteen3 has introduced an innovative Counter height table option, transforming how we approach group work environments. These tables are tailored to promote creativity and facilitate hands-on tactile work, making them ideal for activities such as sketching, mood boarding, and collaborative design tasks.

Encouraging users to stand and engage actively, Counter height tables nurture spontaneous brainstorming sessions and informal meetings. This elevated perspective not only sparks creativity, but also promotes better posture and circulation, thereby enhancing overall well-being in the workplace.

With its enticing blend of form, function, and integrated power options, Betto is poised to turn the tables on creative collaborative spaces.

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