The Elvetham’s interior features luxurious carpet infused with history.

The Elvetham’s interior features Graphic and Colortec - premium carpets by Ege in pre-dyed wool, adding comfort and warmth to a grand historic building.

The Elvetham Estate is a luxury hotel located in Hampshire, a building suffused with over a century of English history. Sindri Matharu, Design Director at Jastar Capital took inspiration from the original architectural features, colours from uncovered stunning tiles and the iconic William Morris to design bespoke rugs and carpets throughout the property.

The presence of history manifests itself in the captivating beauty of the estate and its surroundings. England’s tales are woven through the building and the estate has an entangled and fascinating history: It is where Henry VIII met and wooed Jane Seymour, even spending a scandalous 8-day prenuptial honeymoon there. Additionally, it’s the site of The Elvetham Entertainment, a 16th Century party thrown for Elizabeth I by Jane Seymour’s nephew. William Shakespeare likely attended as an actor, later writing A Midsummer Night’s Dream and referencing the event throughout the text.

While only parts of the Medieval house remain, its ancient spirit has been translated into the modern amenities of a luxury hotel. Consisting of 43 bedrooms within the main house and a total of 91 bedrooms including the adjacent court building, The Elvetham offers a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience in which the breathtaking atmosphere is kept alive through elegantly designed and carefully crafted premium quality interior.

The transformation of this luxurious country house hotel was led by design director Sindri Matharu from Jastar Capital who recently acquired the historic property in corporation with her brothers Jay and Taran. They immediately realised that although the estate has always been popular for weddings etc., the interiors had not been prioritised for many years and therefore it desperately needed updating to match the grand exterior.

The indoors are very grand and can be quite cold due to the high ceilings and use of wood details, so carpet was definitely important to add some warmth and comfort to the rooms and corridors - Sindri Matharu, design director at Jastar Capital

When it comes to the design of the 2,000m2 carpet specified for this project, Sindri explains: “The design process was tougher than expected, especially as I was still residing in New York at the time, having only seen the property once in person! In the end, I used the beautiful octagonal ceilings as inspiration for the custom Colortec designs and chose the colours based on the original tiles that we uncovered. For the focal rugs in the Top Hall and Bar, I used William Morris’s textiles as a precedent, who I see as a symbol of early British design. We also opted for a subtle herringbone design from Ege Carpets’ Graphic concept for the rooms, as an homage to the English Gentleman, as not to detract from the detailed headboards, which I also designed in a William Morris print.”

The ground floor runners and rugs compliment and highlight the original tiles that were uncovered during the renovation, found under the public areas’ old carpet. Sindri comments: “I really love all the carpets, but I think the one that always makes me feel the most content in my decisions is the Top Hall rug, as it makes the space feel opulent and complements the intricate ceiling details and tiling surrounding it.”