Tiros seating collection by Gresham: For work or play.

Whether for work or play, there’s a Tiros seating configuration by Gresham to suit. Because in post-pandemic environments, Gresham understands the need for businesses to cater for all eventualities.

From hotel lobby to workplace breakout space, sometimes we’re switched on, and sometimes we’re switched off. And we want the option for either, wherever we are.

Available in four variations, including single seater with a low back; single seater with a high back; two-seater with a low back; and two-seater with a high back, plus a statement metal frame in Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Silver or pastels, and the ability to specify with, or without, an in-built table, Tiros can be completely customised. Even down to the selection of upholstery in a singular or two-tone fabric.

Inspired by the dual trends of bringing the comforts of home into commercial interiors, and the increasing sprawl of workplace, with technology acting as the main enabler in allowing us to work and collaborate from anywhere, Tiros has been designed with a tub-like curved, cushioned base and back for the ultimate in comfortable, flexible seating.

“With the Tiros seating collection, we listened to the needs of the design community in seeking to offer comfortable, flexible spaces in all commercial environments – whether that be in a hospitality venue, co-working destination or central workplace”, comments John Carney, design development manager at Gresham.

“The optional in-built table is a nod to the growing desire for interiors to promote collaboration and social cohesion, following a lengthy period of isolation for many. But also, to provide the opportunity for quiet when needed, whether that be for completing work, or simply for quiet relaxation with a coffee.

“We also recognise that customisation is king. Businesses want to make their mark and stand out from their competition. Whether it’s customers or staff they’re looking to attract. And the best way of doing this is by offering a strong, unmistakable brand identity.

“To aid in the creation of this, Tiros offers bespoke upholstery options in singular or two-tone fabric, plus a range of contemporary metal frame finishes including stand-out pastel shades, so that, regardless of the client’s unique specifications, we can help exceed their expectations.”