Washroom transformation for flagship London station.

One of four train stations on the original Monopoly board game, Liverpool Street Station is a key part of Britain’s transport heritage and the gateway in and out of London for 64 million passengers each year.

In the last few years, the station has undergone a radical modernisation – preserving the best parts of the station’s history while also improving the station experience for passengers. As part of this plan, Concept Cubicle Systems was asked to update a neglected underground bathroom.

The team sought to bring a run-down old washroom back to life with a functional design and a high-end finish. Features like Force Privacy cubicles with an upper glass infill and etched mirror boxes helped create a light and airy feel in a subterranean washroom.

Using hardy materials was important in a very busy washroom. The Corian White Jasmine trough is scratch and crack resistant and laminate duct panelling helps ensure that the bathroom is easy and cost-effective to clean.