Woodio® UK combines style and sustainability for low carbon washroom collection.

Woodio® offers the world’s first collection of 100% waterproof wood composite washroom products, designed and handcrafted in Helsinki, Finland, and now available to specify directly from UK distributor, Rena.

Created with a mixture of wood chips and resin, Woodio® UK offers a range of washbasins, baths, and toilets, which combine contemporary design aesthetics with strong eco credentials.

Carbon conscious

Initially created with a desire to disrupt the existing interiors market, Woodio® has innovation and ingenuity at its core. The company was founded on the idea to offer a much more sustainably sound, carbon friendlier alternative to the ceramic products traditionally used in washroom schemes. After a successful period of trialling and testing, the first washbasins by Woodio® were introduced to the Finnish market in 2016.

“Our products amaze people. Wood is light, sustainable, and easy to create different colours with. Wood is also a well-known and much appreciated material to Finns, as we have a long history in the forest industry, utilising wood, and creating innovations out of it”, comments Terja Koskenoja, CEO, Woodio®.

Woodio®’s production involves no heat, with each piece hand-moulded and then set at room temperature – eradicating the need for firing, and minimising carbon output in the process. When comparing the making method of a Woodio® washbasin to one made of ceramic, the carbon footprint is significantly lower.

As well as being carbon considerate, Woodio® products, although designed for longevity, can either be efficiently incinerated when they eventually do meet their end-of-life to generate energy through the release of biomass, or returned to Woodio®'s factory in Finland for use in cement. These solutions seek to avoid any unnecessary waste being sent to landfill, where decomposition would take much longer. Constant iterative improvement is all part of Woodio®’s drive for achieving a fully sustainable product lifecycle, with changes said to be being further implemented all the time.

“We believe this innovative, sector-disrupting collection of washroom products will be a gamechanger for UK designers”, comments Laura Dixon, business development manager at Rena, representative of Woodio® in the UK.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in the specification of bio-based materials with low carbon footprints in the commercial interiors industry. But with many projects requiring large volumes on short timescales, up until now, there hasn’t been a washroom product to perfectly suit.

“To be able to offer the Woodio® washbasin, bath, and WC collections to the UK market - for projects of any size – means the collective effort of building a more sustainable built environment for all can be furthered. And that’s something we’re really proud to be supporting.”

Excellence in form and function

A scientific approach and acute attention to design detail meet in the creation of Woodio®’s collections, driven by a philosophy based on the Nordic approach of functionality first. And, although function is prioritised, the unique textural qualities of wood combined with a rich variety of 10 colours - inspired by an aerial view of Finland’s breath-taking landscapes – results in outstanding form offered on a par with practicality.

We have developed a sustainable material and a colour palette that is inspired by the wild Nordic nature, from the colourful forest floor to the snow that covers it in wintertime - Terja Koskenoja, CEO, Woodio®

Woodio® launches to the UK commercial interiors market via Rena with two collections, Core & Made to Order.

Core Collection

The Core Collection comprises the Woodio® Table Top Basin (Soft60, Soft40, Cube60, Cube40) in a palette of three timeless shades: Natural, Polar and Char, which pair harmoniously with Woodio®’s organic finish to offer a unique range of sanctuary evoking washroom and bathroom products like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before – all available on a 7-day delivery lead time.

Made To Order Collection

The Made To Order Collection offers a wide choice of basin options, in a palette of shades ranging from vibrant to earthy. This includes Wall Hung, Recessed, Tap Hole, and Table Top (additional colours), in a spectrum of tones: Clay, Berry, Root, Stone, Moss, Arctic, Natural Birch, for putting your own spin on Woodio® products to make them your own.

The Woodio® Bath and Woodio® Block Wall Hung toilet are also offered as part of the Made To Order Collection, with all available on approx. 4-6 week delivery lead time.

Experience the wonders of Woodio®

Marking Woodio®’s UK launch with a physical presence, Rena is a founding partner at Material Source Studio in Glasgow showcasing Woodio®.

As well as exhibiting the washbasins and toilets in a selection of colours and styles on a dedicated POD in the space, with samples to take away, Woodio® products are also featured throughout our Studio’s washroom schemes – contributing beautifully to the rich, earthy aesthetics designed by Material Source co-founder & creative director, Darren Clanford.

In the short time since its UK launch, Woodio® has already been whole-heartedly embraced by the local architecture and design community, with Sarah de Freitas, creative director of AXI Studio commenting, "Woodio washroom products are like nothing we've seen before. Not only do the basins and WCs look great with an extensive colour palette, and stunning textural appearance, but they offer impressive functional benefits. We can't wait to use them in our next project."

Material Source Studio Glasgow

Material Source Studio Glasgow

Material Source Studio Glasgow

Material Source Studio Glasgow

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