Zia Tile introduces a playful kaleidoscope of vibrant geometrics.

Zia Tile has released a brand new line to its popular zellige mosaics, offering a myriad of modern geometrics in a playful compilation of neutral and vibrant hues.

Its inspiration stems from timeless Moroccan installations and old world designs found throughout Europe. Famously handcrafted in Morocco using methods passed down through generations, zellige mosaics are a celebration of tradition through a modern lens, a fusion of ancient craftsmanship, classical geometric forms, and bold colour combinations.

While larger format 4x4-inch and 2x6-inch sizes have dominated today’s American zellige scene, the art was born a millennia ago from smaller, hand-chiseled designs that are still prevalent across Morocco today.

Starting with raw clay, artisans hand-mould and sun-dry the larger format pieces from which the hand chiseled mosaics are derived. They’re then glazed, fired in earthen kilns, and individually chiseled to shape, resulting in the distinctive variation that defines zellige's charm.

"Our new line of zellige mosaic tiles combines classical geometric forms with Zia’s bold take on colour,” comments Zia Tile co-founders, Mike Leflore and Danny Mitchell. “While zellige is an 800-year-old tradition, it is an ever-evolving art form. We’ve referenced history in these shapes while selecting unique combinations of reds, pinks, purples, greens, and a host of neutrals to write the next chapter in zellige tile.”