16. Prometheus Materials - Zero-carbon building products.

Prometheus Materials provides sustainable building materials that accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon-negative future.

According to the team at Prometheus, concrete is the second most consumed substance on Earth and is the most widely used construction material. With traditional cement and concrete production pumping 11 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every day — causing 8% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions.

In response, and taking inspiration from nature, the company’s unique process combines naturally occurring microalgae with other essential components to create a bio-cement.

When mixed with aggregate, it forms a zero-carbon bio-concrete with mechanical, physical and thermal properties that are comparable or superior to portland cement-based concrete.

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Designer: Prometheus Materials
Project: Zero-carbon building products
Material Breakdown: Microalgae and biomineralisation combined with natural binders and water
Main Uses: Architecture, engineering, construction, landscaping, and real estate development firms
Key Fact: Emits virtually zero carbon in its production process and has mechanical, physical, and thermal properties that are comparable or superior to cement-based concrete.