Brisa repurposes 7.5 plastic bottles per metre in its new recycled backcloth.

Ultrafabrics, the world’s leading producer of high-quality performance fabrics in 11 global markets, has announced a re-release of its legacy brand Brisa - with a recycled backcloth made of 7.5 plastic bottles per metre of fabric.

The company has also diversified the colour offering by including nine new curated shades for a total of 54.

This trusted legacy brand offers sustainability without sacrifice. For almost 25 years Ultrafabrics’ Brisa performance fabric has been a go-to for designers and specifiers across all markets including furniture and commercial environments, because of its breathable technology and exceptional haptics. This high-tech performance fabric is a leather alternative that integrates Ultrafabrics’ proprietary ventilation system and promotes airflow for ultimate seating comfort.

Nicole Meier, Head of Branding at Ultrafabrics, explains the company’s approach: “This relaunch of Brisa is one of many sustainability focused initiatives we’re doing to reach our aggressive goals as a manufacturing company. Independent analysis says we are ahead of our competitors, but we aren’t looking over our shoulders. The goal to achieve sustainability without a sacrifice in haptics, comfort or performance is our only focus.”

Nine new, carefully curated colours have been added to the Brisa collection. The new additions express a renewed energy and excitement that uplifts the existing palette. Joining the collection are; Ice Pink, Mystic Beige, Clear Quartz, Hazey, Lamb’s Ear, Honeydew, Harbor Mist, Rising Tide, and Yukon Gold.

Brisa’s brand-new backing cloth diverts 7.5 plastic bottles per metre from landfill, in collaboration with its trusted global fibre partnerships. It will be the first full collection to include recycled polyester and responsibly-sourced rayon in the backing. It supports Ultrafabrics’ material innovation goal to include more renewable and/or recycled materials across its portfolio.

The recycled polyester is derived from pre- and post- consumer waste, including recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste to create high-quality yarns. Ultrafabrics uses polyester yarn which includes an estimated 7.5 recycled plastic bottles per metre of fabric in its legacy Brisa collection. The rayon fibres are transparently sourced from various sustainable wood inputs from certified and controlled forests that meet strict sustainability requirements.

By 2025, all Ultrafabrics products sold to furniture, healthcare, recreational vehicle, marine, aviation and accessories markets will have reached their goal of including at least 50% rapidly renewable and/or recycled resources. This is five years ahead of the original goal. Uniting Japanese craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainably focused innovation, Ultrafabrics materials are designed to make a difference.