Flex appeal: Amtico's new Signature LVT collection is steeped in character while being highly adaptable.

If we could choose only one word to summarise post-pandemic, commercial interiors, it would surely be: flexibility. Firstly, in terms of spaces flexing to their user's needs. And secondly, in reference to the flexibility of design in offering longevity over time to meet sustainability targets.

According to Statista, the volume of office workspace categorised as 'flexible' in the UK has reached 167 million square ft this year. And this trend is one mirrored across other sectors, such as hospitality, where the hybrid hotel concept - featuring a 'blended' mix of different zones to suit many activities - is fast becoming the expected norm.

Underpinning all of the above is a need for authenticity and the creation of destinations that genuinely facilitate experience. Following the pandemic, people want more from the places they visit. And quality is king in ensuring the delivery of this.

Inspired by this combination is Amtico, having just launched the new Signature LVT collection, which harnesses a broad breadth of colour and texture - from the heavy, substance of timber to the weighty qualities of marble - delivering unrivalled attention to detail grounded in authenticity. Flexibility comes offered as standard, with designers and specifiers able to achieve personalisation whether flooding the product throughout a space, or seamlessly setting against other Woods and Stones.

Comprising 65 new products across Woods, Stones, and Colour and Abstracts, the Signature collection has been refined into 18 palettes for complete customisation. The Woods segment ranges from the soft tones of Scandi Oaks to the deep, rustic textural appeal of Timber. And for Stones, a variety of nature's colour and pattern combinations have been drawn upon, from calming limestone shades to urban-inspired concrete hues with a soft industrial feel, plus a brand-new marble palette, which features classic and contemporary colours with chalky tones, and highlights all the beauty of the real thing while protecting natural resources.

To coincide, Signature’s unique laying patterns have also been refreshed. Eight new designs work to further enhance the individual characteristics of each element of the collection. From classical to contemporary, and whether using a single coloured wood design, such as Gable Parquet, or a combination of hues with the eye-catching curved Lune for a retro aesthetic, a unique statement can be crafted on every use.

The new Signature collection is all about making designs look as natural and realistic as possible, but we’ve also explored the need for products to work well flooding a space on their own, as well as laying patterns that flex and adapt to add character, zone or make a statement - Lorna Williams, Head of Design at Amtico

Signature is made-to-order in Coventry and boasts a 1mm wear layer, the thickest of any LVT on the market, which gives excellent impact resistance and high clarity. The flooring also provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria and viruses, such as MRSA, E.coli and SARSCoV-2, while carrying a 20-year commercial warranty, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

For extra design flexibility, and perfect for busy contemporary spaces, Signature can be specified with acoustic high-performance backing to reduce sound transmission by up to 18dB, and 36+ safety flooring with slip resistance for the lifetime of the product. It can also be specified with Amtico’s Bio offering, which is made from bio-attributed PVC.

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