Forbo shares design inspiration for 2024 featuring Allura LVT collection.

Forbo Flooring Systems’ Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) come in a range of contemporary designs, each of which can complement an array of interior schemes.

With this in mind, the Forbo team has created a series of moodboards, with the aim of providing inspiration on how Allura LVT can be used with other solutions to create beautiful and integrated flooring schemes.

Forbo’s Allura LVT range is a carefully designed, flexible, durable and easy to install floor covering. Comprising a range of different collections, each bringing its own benefits for architects and specifiers, there are a plethora of design options to choose from. To help you create contemporary and integrated flooring schemes, Forbo has developed a series of moodboards, pairing Allura with other products from across its wide portfolio to use as inspiration.

Board one covers red tones, immersing users in the allure of deep crimson hues and rich textures, helping to elevate interior spaces. Allura in the Terra Marble, Natural Ash and Terra Ash emulate the warmth and style of classic hardwood and contemporary marble, all whilst offering the durability and easy maintenance of a vinyl floor covering. This moodboard is ideal for those looking to create a sophisticated yet warm space, mixing Allura with textured carpet tiles from the Tessera range, perfect for a retail or hospitality environment.

Board two focuses on blue tones and is inspired by the soothing hues of the ocean and sky, bringing a sense of peacefulness and harmony. Allura in Blue Clouds, Grey Clouds and Indigo Ash create a cool and crisp interior design combined with other nature-inspired colourways from the Marmoleum and Tessera collections, perfect for a comfortable stay at a hotel, or a relaxed office environment.

The third board encompasses browns, inviting warmth and sophistication into your interior designs. The deep and rich hues of Allura in Dark, Natural and Light Twine provide the perfect backdrop for bringing in different textures, in the shape of Tessera carpet tiles, and neutral colours, such as those in the Marmoleum Cocoa range, to sculpt your own design scheme. This is a great choice for a classy and calm residential setting, or an upmarket office looking to step its design up to the next level.

Bring your flooring scheme to life with the orange moodboard. The warm tones of the Allura Peach Marble or hardwood inspired Ochre Ash are incredibly versatile, able to be combined with a range of other floor coverings, such as the Nuway Tuftiguard Bamboo entrance system or the natural tones of the Marmoleum Cocoa collection. Alternatively, they can simply be fitted by themselves as a backdrop to complement other interior finishes. Orange shades are versatile enough to create dynamic and energetic workspaces or playful and vibrant leisure and hospitality spaces.

Bring the outdoors in, with the green moodboard. Comprising calming hues, each inspiring tranquillity and wellbeing, the Sage Ash and Forest Ash colourways can be combined with soft and textured floor coverings, such as Tessera or Flotex tiles, to create peaceful indoor spaces. These tones are perfect for those looking to enhance the wellbeing of users in healthcare, working or learning spaces.

Neutral tones open up endless possibilities for design, whether you’re looking for a minimalist retreat or a traditional aesthetic, Allura can fit your needs. The Warm Natural Stone, Light Timber or Natural Timber serve as the perfect foundation for your design vision, providing a neutral backdrop to build upon. This is a good choice for office environments, when paired with a bulletin board pinboard, or retail spaces.

The purple moodboard allows you to make a statement. The Allura Pink Natural Stone, paired with Tessera carpet tiles, can help you to embark on a journey of design discovery – mixing both textures and colours. This moodboard is ideal for those looking to create something truly unique and inspiring, whether that’s for education, retail or a creative focused workspace environment.

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