18. PrintCity at Manchester Metropolitan University - 3D printed concrete.

Concrete has been widely criticised for its energy consumption and linear life span. But alternative solutions have been lacking. Until now.

Tackling this ecological crisis is the 3D additive and digital manufacturing hub, PrintCity, at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Housed in the industrial heart of Manchester, their collaborative team of manufacturing experts, designers and engineers continually push the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

PrintCityโ€™s groundbreaking project explores the architectural potential of concrete waste, excavated from construction sites across Europe.

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Designer: PrintCity at Manchester Metropolitan University
Project: 3D printed concrete
Material Breakdown: Recycled fine demolition waste used as a 100% replacement for sand in 3D concrete printing
Main Uses: Furniture, public art, memorials, and other urban landscape applications
Key Fact: Material benefit = 1.25 tonnes of fine demolition waste diverted from landfill for every cubic metre produced.