Playful primaries take centre stage in Camira’s environmentally-conscious RePlay range.

Introducing yet another eco-friendly contract fabric alternative to the market, global textile manufacturer and designer, Camira has launched a new recycled product that's woven entirely from plastic bottles.

RePlay takes inspiration from the sportswear industry, picking up on the tones and forms found in the expertly shaped garments. Its knit-like cellular structure is woven using 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, and is designed for use in hybrid workspaces, education, and hospitality settings.

Commenting on the launch of RePlay, head of creative, Lynn Kingdon, said: “RePlay is made for the hybrid world in which we live and work, blurring the boundaries with ease. It’s as comfortable in the office, as it is a casual café and all the collaborative spaces in-between.​

"Just like the best sportswear, it provides comfort and freedom of movement, whilst bringing a contemporary look and feel to any and every interior space.​ A fabric with great stretch and agility, RePlay is as fun to work with as its name suggests. ​Its construction makes for easy upholstering while meeting the highest of durability standards, this fabric is hard working - and deceptively easy going.​”

Available in 33 shades, RePlay’s colour palette is filled with personality, flipping between bold bright shades and more muted tones.

Free from halogenated flame retardant and achieving higher level global flammability standards, RePlay is an environmentally intelligent textile, backed by third party accredited eco labels including EU Ecolabel, Indoor Advantage Gold and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.