sixteen3 introduces Artus: A playful postmodernist take on space division.

Artus is a game-changing modular screen system designed to transform contemporary working environments. With its innovative geometric design and adaptable framework, Artus brings a fresh and fun perspective to workplace aesthetics and functionality.

Meaning ‘Framework’ in Latin, Artus draws inspiration from postmodernist art and architecture, and features different sized panels with square or arced corners, which combine to form freestanding walls and partitions. Drop in desks can be added to create workspaces, and the Monsal benches pair effortlessly with Artus walls to form comfortable meeting booths.

Individually upholstered panels offer multi-tonal possibilities, with brackets which can contrast or complement, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

Beyond its captivating design, Artus boasts vast flexibility. Its modular construction enables effortless reconfiguration, empowering businesses to adapt their office spaces as their needs evolve. Whether it’s creating freestanding upholstered walls, designing workstations, hotdesks, or comfortable meeting spaces, Artus provides a stellar solution. The system’s versatility ensures that offices can keep pace with the demands of the modern world, maximising both space utilisation and employee collaboration.

One of the defining features of Artus is its honest construction. The visible powder-coated brackets celebrate the product’s de-constructible nature. This allows for effortless dismantling, reconfiguration, updating, or repair, providing a cost-effective solution that supports long-term sustainability.

“Artus represents a lighthearted and fresh take on office space design” says Charles Bramwell, head of product design at sixteen3. “We believe that a well-designed workspace can inspire creativity, boost productivity, and enhance employee well-being. With Artus, we provide businesses with a dynamic framework that combines form, function, and adaptability, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

Artus contributes to the way we perceive and utilise office spaces.