Rawside’s Hi-Lo desk offers varying positions for optimum workplace wellbeing.

"Taking a break from work is good - do it often and you’ll stay at the top of your game - take a short break every hour and you’ll be amazed at the positive effect it has on your headspace. Couple this behaviour with regular changes of posture and you’ll feel like a new you."

Sitting for long periods of time has received a lot of negative attention so you may be inclined to head to the opposite extreme. According to Rawside though, standing for long periods can do as much damage to your back as sitting all day.

"The best approach is to vary your posture over the course of the day. If you’ve been sitting for an hour, it’s best to get up and move around. If you’ve been standing for a while, take a break and sit down."

In response, the UK-based furniture designer has launched its Hi-Lo desk, for optimum workplace wellbeing.

"The beauty of our Hi-Lo range of desks is that they promote changing positions throughout the day - and that’s the best thing for you. If you’re new to the party, then take it easy at first. Check out how you stand - try to balance your weight and resist the temptation to put all your weight on one side.

"Keep a neutral spine position. Make sure your desk is adjusted to a height where you can maintain a good eye-to-screen position. Wear good shoes (that’s just brilliant advice for life regardless of your Hi-Lo stance!) and keep moving.

"Whether you are WFH or WFTO, Hi-Lo is the way to go – keeps you moving, keeps you supple, keeps you in control."

Discover more about the Hi-Lo range here.