Reprint Ceramics: Sustainability paired with 3D printing and parametric design.

‘Reprint Ceramics’ is a series of 3D printed lamps, parametrically designed, made from recycled ceramics. It combines the special 3D clay printing technique developed by Coudre Studio from Spain with the methodology for upcycling discarded household ceramics (Remake Ceramics) by Fabrique Publique from The Netherlands.

By using post-industrial and post-consumer ceramics’ waste as a resource for making new high-quality products, the project shows that the use of waste can reduce supply chain costs, decrease the use of raw materials and improve the ecological footprint whilst making beautiful products. The lamps are really a showcase of both the material and the technique.

Reprint Ceramics is a joint initiative by Fabrique Publique and Coudre Studio, supported by the EU WORTH Partnership Project. The project was selected early March 2020 and started in June that same year.

The idea behind Reprint Ceramics is to develop more circular options for the 3D clay printing industry and show that ‘take - make - discard’ is no longer an option.

Printing with recycled ceramics has a positive impact on people and the planet since waste material is given a useful purpose. The waste material is put back into the production chain as a resource to be upcycled into new high-quality products. It also means less virgin material needs to be mined to make new ceramics’ products.

By opening the possibility for consumers to give the product back once it breaks or is discarded, it can be upcycled into new products over and over again.

Fabrique Publique and Coudre not only love making beautiful products from waste materials, but also want to create a new mindset. Urging people not to throw their ceramics in the bin, but value the waste material and its application in high quality products.