Scanomat creates a premium coffee experience for Colony’s flexible workspaces across Manchester.

Colony CoWork and Scanomat partner up to create a seamless and integrated coffee experience for Colony’s innovative coworking spaces in Manchester.

Colony CoWork, is an expanding network of flexible workspaces that offer businesses unique spaces for ideas to flourish. They understand that high-quality amenities are a key factor in creating an exceptional member experience. Scanomat’s TopBrewer coffee machines were the perfect fit, offering a premium and connected user experience and have been installed in three of their coworking venues - Jactin House, One Silk Street, and Flint Glass Works.

Scanomat’s TopBrewer coffee machines offer an under-counter design, stylish swan-neck tap and app-control technology and can be integrated into any workplace environment easily to offer a range of premium drinks.

Scanomat has ensured there is a premium coffee experience in each of Colony’s workspace locations through forward-thinking design combined with clever technology.

Colony CoWork is not your average flexible workspace provider. With a selection of effortlessly cool venues located in Manchester, Colony sets itself apart by offering unique, modern, and vibrant spaces that cater to various ways of working. Whether you need a private office or a flexible coworking area, each venue is carefully designed to ensure that you have everything you need to be productive.

One of the standout features of Colony is its strong sense of community and network. Members have complete flexibility to move freely between spaces, enabling them to connect with other like-minded professionals and collaborate in inspiring environments. Moreover, Colony’s curated series of events and seminars bring members together to network, learn, and socialise.

The TopBrewer coffee machines installed at our venues not only provide an exceptional coffee experience but also demonstrate our commitment to exceeding our members’ expectations - Jamie Halliday, Marketing & Systems Executive, Colony CoWork

A key factor in Colony’s decision to install TopBrewer coffee machines was the ability to connect with Nexudus, the leading white-label property management platform for flexible workspace providers.

TopBrewer’s integration with Nexudus is a first for the coffee industry and allows Colony members to enjoy a seamless, premium and connected coffee experience. Through Nexudus, Colony assigns ‘coffee credits’ to members to give them access to free coffee via a QR code in the app.

One of the most significant advantages of this partnership is the ability for Colony to manage all aspects of their technology and services from one central location – including the TopBrewer coffee experience! The Colony team can quickly and easily track trends and assign coffee consumption to individual accounts. This level of efficiency and simplicity is crucial for flexible workspace providers like Colony, who are dedicated to providing a seamless and connected experience for their members.

Overall, the integration of TopBrewer’s state-of-the-art coffee machines with Nexudus’ cutting-edge property management platform has transformed the coffee experience for Colony. It has set a new standard in the industry and highlighted the importance of seamlessly integrating technology to provide a premium, hassle-free, and connected experience for members.

"The ability to integrate our TopBrewer coffee machines with Nexudus was a significant selling point for us. It has contributed to an increase in our app sign-ups and has resulted in a higher level of member engagement with our systems and communications." - Jamie Halliday, Marketing & Systems Executive, Colony CoWork

The TopBrewer coffee machines are situated in the shared communal kitchen areas at each of the venues and are accessible to everyone in the space. When TopBrewer was first installed at Jactin House, the Colony team noticed a sudden migration by members wanting to try out the new coffee tap.

“Clients and visitors are always impressed by the TopBrewer. One of our favourite TopBrewer features is the opportunity to customise your drink. Visitors to Colony are always really impressed with the ability to adjust their coffee strength or change the size of their drink.”

Each TopBrewer machine at Colony is configured to serve Scanomat’s signature specialty Amokka Crema blend and Amokka decaf with regular or dairy-free milk options available to cater to all tastes and dietary needs.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Colony has set up a partnership with one of its members, HG Revolution, to up-cycle all used TopBrewer coffee grounds into fertiliser.

“By investing in state-of-the-art technology and experiences, like TopBrewer, Colony is able to exceed members' expectations and create a welcoming atmosphere that sets it apart from its competitors. Overall, Colony CoWork is an exceptional flexible workspace provider that goes above and beyond to create a productive, inspiring, and welcoming environment for its members.” - Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Scanomat UK Limited.