Tempio ventilated ceramic façade at Brighton University’s new business school.

Elm House, the new business school at Brighton University, is part of the £60 million Big Build programme that is transforming the Moulsecoomb campus.

Designed by Hassell Studio, the building is intended as the architectural highlight of the campus and was created to offer students an innovative experience that links to other realms. The striking ceramic façade, created by Spanish maker Tempio, evokes the iconic Brighton Pier and the flocks of seagulls it attracts. The tiled surface, which features 50,000 bespoke pieces, represents the process of flux and change that students experience during their university career.

Construction and design across the development have been carried out to the highest environmental and sustainability standards. Tempio’s ventilated ceramic façade contributed to this high ecological standard by providing a ceramic façade that has an impressively long life cycle.

"We use only natural clay and recycle all our waste", says Maria Saval, design director at Tempio. "Our ventilated ceramic facades save energy costs as well as offering thermal and acoustic benefits to the users."

In total 18 different formats of Tempio’s White Tarifa colourway were combined and an elegant tonal variation was achieved by mixing gloss, satin and matt enamel finishes.

As well as an eye-catching exterior, Elm House features a triple storey atrium that will host public performances and exhibitions as well as a café. The new building will be equipped with flexible teaching and collaborative spaces including a trading room, enterprise suite and student learning areas.