Unravelled: Erez Nevi Pana's tapestries made from "cruelty-free" ahimsa silk

In his search for morality in yarn production, designer Erez Nevi Pana has created Unravelled, a new collection of tapestries made entirely from "cruelty-free" ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk.

It means the cocoons of the silkworm are harvested in nature after the moth had emerged and flown away. The silk yarn is then translated into a huge cloth that exposes the beauty of a natural material that is produced in harmonious growth without harm.

"In the silk industry, silkworms are steamed or gassed alive inside their cocoons," says Nevi Pana. "Though their reactions to pain are not visible to the naked eye, silkworms do feel pain." As a vegan, the artist expresses his empathy towards all creatures and sees the exploitation of other forms of life as immoral and unjust, what reveals a spiritual aspect to his designs that are based on the principles of ahimsa (physical and psychological nonviolence norms toward all living things).

His fascination with textiles is rooted in the family past. His ancestors traded yarns with the Indian village NabiPanah which his last name originates from. In this particular project, he exhibits his own evolutionary process as a vegan: "Doubts about materials I was using in my designs started to emerge, especially relating to yarns as most of my income came from weaving textiles."

Nevi Pana started to understand how far he goes with the moral values and norms that relate to animal rights, arguing that "scale is not an issue to determent which animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives." To find out more, visit ereznevipana.com.