Crosswater designers share a sneak peek at inspiration behind new brassware collections.

For its latest event at Material Source Studio, the designers behind leading bathroom brand Crosswater's diverse range of products will share the inspiration for the new brassware collections.

From texture to colour and finish, every detail of these contemporary ranges has been crafted with beauty and durability in mind. Ahead of the event on 27 July, we caught up with Crosswater's designers to provide a flavour of what you can expect on the night.

Firstly, please can you give us an intro to/overview of the inspiration behind the new brassware collections?

"This year, we have designed four unique brassware collections. Embracing a user centric design approach, we have drawn inspiration from popular trends, customer needs and the latest in material technology, all with the aim of providing customers with a wide selection of products, suitable for any interior design project. Each collection is inspired by a distinct concept, from aerodynamics to ergonomics, haptics and sustainability."

Why brassware? And why now?

"The origin of Crosswater was in brassware. By bringing the best designs from Europe and making them suitable to the UK's needs, Crosswater became the leader in brassware design. Since then, we have grown and expanded into other categories of product including furniture, ceramics and showering – enabling us to provide full bathroom solutions."

We felt it was the right time to focus the spotlight back on brassware

Who are these collections best suited to?

"Anyone working on their next private residential or commercial project and looking for a flavour of design to accent the overarching décor/theme of the project. Our ethos here at Crosswater is to break down exclusive luxury and democratise design, making it available to the wider public."

For anyone keen to learn more, what can guests to your event on 27 July expect?

"We will take you on the journey of the product design of these four collections. The inspirations, themes, challenges, and results of applying industrial design to bathroom product development. All whilst enjoying some cocktails in the fantastic Material Source Studio."

What are the collections’ key credentials in terms of aesthetics, sustainability etc?


"Foile is a bold brassware collection influenced by aerodynamic design. Fundamentally, aerodynamic design seeks to overcome the forces of flight, demanding the removal of excess material to provide a precise balance of weight, lift, thrust and drag.

"Foile’s unique design and precise curvature resemble the unique aesthetic of aircraft, providing a true statement piece in any modern luxury bathroom."


"The Limit brassware collection emerges from a study of composition. The exploration of harmony between shape, texture and colour results in a sharp, expressive aesthetic.

"The continuous grooves along the surface have no beginning or end; and the precisely engineered angles are carefully considered. Like brush strokes from a metallic paintbrush they draw attention, promote interaction and enable sensory feedback."


"Play and fun don’t have to stop with youth. Protesting the mundane and considering juvenile perception, Lazo’s form is inspired by the unavoidable playfulness of loops.

"Addressing the demand for appealing, accessible design, Lazo offers easy interaction with an ergonomic, delicate loop. Providing a unique blend of form and function."

3one6 lever

"The next phase of our most sustainable range, the Lever collection has all the excellent qualities of 316 grade stainless steel combined with a pure, timeless design that puts the focus on the material’s inherent beauty.

"316 grade stainless steel is incredibly durable; extremely resistant to corrosion; hygienic, non-toxic and antibacterial; actively self-healing; and endlessly recyclable."

To find out more about these new collections, in addition to more about Crosswater as a brand, RSVP to attend the exclusive talk with the design team accompanied by cocktails and canapes on 27 July 2023 at Material Source Studio. Prior booking is required as spaces are limited.