iD Revolution: Tarkett’s sustainable alternative to PVC flooring

Tarkett has released a range of modular resilient flooring made with recycled and bio-based materials.

Made up of 83% recycled, mineral and bio-based materials, iD Revolution uses recycled PVB, a non-PVC and phthalate-free resin used to help prevent windscreens from shattering, which is recovered from end-of-life vehicles or safety glass from buildings.

The flooring is 100% recyclable, and the tiles and planks can be collected and sent back to Tarkett's manufacturing site to be re-engineered as a new product.

The manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, with 99% of the water used during the production is recycled, and 50% of the electricity from renewable sources, with the remaining 50% offset via carbon credits through a project supporting biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Since its launch, the product has received the ‘Innovation Teams Best Practices 2018’ award at the Paris Sorbonne University and Paris Directors of Innovation Club and been used throughout the Nesto affordable housing project in Luxembourg.

"iD Revolution was developed to meet the needs of our customers looking for alternatives to PVC in the modular resilient flooring category,” says Valérie Lebon, EMEA Marketing Vice-President for Tarkett. “This reflects our commitment to providing our customers with products that create friendly spaces and respect the planet’s natural capital. Through this regenerative product, we are taking one step further towards closing the loop, together with our clients."